Don't miss our collection of tops and t-shirts. You'll find the latest trends in tops and tank tops, short-sleeved knitwear, 3/4-sleeved knitwear and long-sleeved knitwear. Discover them in white, red, pastel colors, fluorescent, printed, embroidered, knitted, cotton...

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Match a basic top, white for example, with a denim and you have an ideal casual outfit. If you also dare with high heel shoes, you'll look super stylish. Now choose a floral print top, with bright colors, and a white pant. You'll get a great look. Another idea: with long sleeves and leggings you will have a very sporty and comfortable look. The combinations are endless: you have all the colors and all the prints you can imagine: floral, military, navy, ethnic, geometric, tie dye... discover them!

Our tops have all the designs, and styles that you love, inspire by Miami Luxury Fashion Life  . They are modern, they are feminine, they have style... who gives more?

Take a look at the photos we have on our website to discover ideas on how to combine the tops, what styles to choose and which accessories look great with them. You're going to love them.

Best Women's Tops

As you know, the best offer in online women's clothing is here. In our online store you will find the latest fashion in t-shirts and tops, a selection that follows the latest trends, at a very good price and in all sizes. Buy online from your home or from anywhere (you can do it from your Smartphone) and enjoy the women's fashion that goes with you. What do you need? Here you will find modern t-shirts, plain or printed and in all styles and colors. T-shirts and tops that can be adapted to your daily life and to more special moments such as celebrations, events, parties, and a long list of other situations. Choose the t-shirt or top that best suits you, you have a great offer at your disposal. Are you ready to sail and get lost among so many proposals? Enjoy the ride!

Women's Tops for 365 Days a Year

Throughout the year and every 15 days we introduce you to new tops and T-shirts. New designs, new colors, new prints. Sometimes very bold and provocative. Sometimes more basic and simple. But we will always surprise you with new original and irresistible T-shirts. One of the shirts that we like the most is the one with a message written on the front. These graphic prints are the favorite of the youngest girls.

Remember that most models are available up to size XL so you can enjoy your favorite clothes in all sizes.  If you look at the necklines, you can also find a variety of options: round, v-neck, back, halter type, bare shoulders. And in winter, a classic: the turtleneck. A model that can be worn alone or under a sweater. Do you already have your favorite? Find it, at Exotic Fashion Boutique we have it!

Trendy women's tops

A top is one of the most versatile garments in existence. Alone or in combination with other garments, it always looks good. When the weather is hot, the top is the favorite garment of the hottest and also of those who like to take advantage of every last ray of sun. In the colder season, a top is ideal to wear under a sweater or to create contrast with a jacket or blazer. These are just a few examples. Find the best way to wear the top of your choice.

At special events, party tops always triumph. Sometimes they are shiny, sometimes they have a small lace detail (as is the case of the lingerie type top), sometimes they look double cloth or are made of sophisticated materials such as velvet. Whatever your choice, your look will be perfect.

Women's Tops are a seemingly simple garment that can hide a lot of secrets: it can be knotted on the back, be a bandeau or have a puckering. The variety is impressive.

Now it's your turn. Mix colors and patterns and you will look divine. If you come from the women's fashion catalog you can indicate the reference in the search engine and you will find the t-shirt or top you are looking for. Also use the filters if you want to search by color or size. At Exotic Fashion Boutique's online store we make it easy for you to buy clothes at the best price. The last fashion woman is here, with an excellent relation quality price. In addition, you will find the most original models and latest trend. Yes, yes, the ones you have seen on the catwalks.

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